MoE is the first digital museum dedicated exclusively to entrepreneurship, which collects and displays stories from the entrepreneurs of our time. By sharing these tales of entrepreneurs from around the world, we aim to teach and inspire people in their own future endeavours. Our core focus is to reach out to young people from all walks of life, showing them that entrepreneurship does not belong to any specific gender, race, time or place; in truth, anyone can be an entrepreneur!

In this way, we hope to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurial spirits and help them choose the type of hero they want to become.

The Museum of Entrepreneurship brings together people from various backgrounds and diverse expertise but sharing the same dedication and passion for entrepreneurship.


Dr Stefania Zerbinati

Stefania has researched and taught entrepreneurship for over 15 years. She is a passionate academic with a love for practice, and she has engaged with and advised entrepreneurs across several industries and at different stages of development. Stefania is the founder of the museum. She takes part in every organisational and financial aspect of the museum, as well as participating in the writing and creation of the video-stories. She keeps expanding her strong network of seasoned and new entrepreneurs to feed new stories into the production.

The project has been possible thanks to a collaboration with the film company Frinin & Bok, an independent company whose films have gained selections to festivals including Venice Film Week and the Miami Independent Film Festival. Its founders Ilya Melnikov and Jonny Pert are responsible for every artistic and technical aspect in the creation of the video-stories, which represent the soul of the museum.

Collaborating teams

More permanent team

Jonny Pert

Jonny has an extensive background in film, theatre and literature, with a First in English Literature and Drama from Oxford Brookes University. His writing includes film and theatre scripts, short stories, reviews, poetry and songwriting. Theatre acting credits include Paris in Romeo and Juliet, Woyzeck in Woyzeck, Wayne Hudson in Popcornand The Seer in The Mindspace at the Edinburgh Fringe. Jonny is a member of Theatre For Life, a theatre group that teaches social and emotional learning skills to schoolchildren through Forum Theatre. He is also a performance poet, having won slam poetry competitions with his work. Jonny is a writer, interviewer and film director for the museum.

Ilya Melnikov

Ilya has an extensive background in filming and editing. He has completed master degrees in Film and Screen Studies respectively at the University of Brighton and UCL, as well as an MSc in Management from Cass Business School. Ilya has a wide range of previous filmmaking experience, including camera operating, sound recording, composing for film, editing, colour correction and sound mixing. Ilya is the man behind the camera and he looks after every aspect of filming, lights, editing and sound for the museum.

Team 2020 – 2021

Glana Anatt

Glana is the Instagram team leader for MoE. She was born in Spain but she is originally from Morocco and she has been living in the UK for the past 5 years. She loves travelling, discovering new cultures and languages, but most importantly, she is passionate about anything related to altruism and social causes.

Isik Ogutcu

Isik is from Istanbul and she is a member of the website team at MoE. She provides technical support for creating new pages, uploading videos and has incorporated new analytics features to the website. She has a background in Biotechnology is passionate about life sciences, innovation and art.

Jesús Galimberti

Jesús, from Cusco, Perú, is in the website team. He ensures that our videos are uploaded on time so that you can enjoy them! After practicing contract and corporate law for 7 years, Jesús decided to make a change in his career and started studying Entrepreneurship to make an impact in the educational sector.

Lurlyne Sanmartin

Lurlyne Sanmartin from Panama is in MoE’s Instagram team and also contacts entrepreneurs for interviews. She is studying MSc Entrepreneurship at Cass Business School and has a BS in Management from Bentley University. She has a passion for dance, theatre and film (and coffee).

Margaux Le Quellec

Margaux is a French Vietnamese living in London. At MoE, she handles operations and admin! Margaux has a passion for entrepreneurship with a background in landscape architecture and sustainability.

Onno Caspian Oehne

Onno is from Hamburg and he studies at Cass for his Masters in Entrepreneurship. He works in the MoE Website team, focussing on the analytics and also support on design ideas. His passions in life are sailing, music, business and international affairs.

Tasos Nikolaou

Tasos is from Greece and he is passionate about travelling, exploration and mystery. He is currently developing his startup, Exploro, in the travel/tourism industry with a mission to awaken the inner explorer in each person. At MoE, Tasos manages the LinkedIn account and contacts entrepreneurs.

Supporting Team 2018

The Museum of Entrepreneurship benefits from the help and uninterrupted support and collaboration of key experts.

Aris Lanaridis

Aris is a film and new media composer and he supports the museum creating original soundtracks for the video-stories. According to Aris, “music is a storyteller and he creates music that tells stories that match the stories that movies tell” (https://www.arislanaridis.co.uk)

Dimitris Bizioglis

Dimitris from Metamorph Design is the creative mind behind the design and creation of the image – brand of the Museum (https://www.bizioglis.com), (https://metamorph-design.com)

Clare Avery
Business Development Manager

Clare leads the knowledge exchange activities at Cass Business School. This includes supporting start-up creation, negotiating contracts for, and managing, commissioned research projects, securing and commercialising IP. A former researcher of entrepreneurship and enthusiast for academic enterprise, Clare is also an angel investor. She is focussed on supporting the set-up of the Museum as a ‘start-up’ and seeking funds to fuel its growth.

If you are interested in supporting the museum please get in touch.

Contact Dr Stefania Zerbinati