Jack Cowin

Jack Cowin is an industry leader and self-made billionaire. He is the owner of Hungry Jack’s, the renamed Burger King franchise of Australia, and Executive Chairman of Competitive Foods Australia, the largest franchiser of restaurants in Australia and one of the country’s largest privately held businesses. With 50 years experience in his field, started by owning a single KFC outlet in Perth in 1969, Jack has amassed a business empire with almost 40,000 employees.
In our interview, Jack takes us back to the defining moments of his early career, including successfully convincing investors to entrust their money to “a 26 year old kid” who “hadn’t got any experience”. He also delves into the processes that have kept his franchise fresh through decades of constant expansion, all while peppering his chat with insightful points about failure, work-life balance and taking risks while you are young.

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